Sunday, October 14, 2007

russian women

Russian Women

Ahh yes beautiful Russian women, what's there not to love about women from Russia. Their beauty is amazing. They come with hair from blond to black, think to large, fit to shapely. However you want your women, it's easy to find one in Russia.

How to get Russian Women

So you want to find a Russian wife or girlfriend ehh. Well want to know th best place to start? Go to Russia! 2nd tip? Learn Russian. Though a lot of them do speak at least a little English. When you go, just be yourself, don't try to act like some rich fancy American or where ever you are coming from. Russian women do like a strong man though, I mean look at the men they are use to dating!

Dating Russian Women

Now when you go on your first date with your newly found Russian love, do be courteous, respectful and keep her smiling and laughing. Take her for a nice night out, you know, to movies and dinner. Do pay for everything. You also want to make sure her motives are just. A lot of Russian women do pretend to be in love with you just to get to the states. Also do be aware that their are women who like to set you up and rob you. Remember your in their territory.

Yet, just like any women your dating, be prepared for all things to happen. Keep your cool and be yourself, and you'll be sure to land a beautiful women from Russia!

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